We have provided these testimonials so that you can hear, directly from our clients, what they have to say about their experiences of having counselling at Eastgate.

Couples counselling

“We feel that we have learned to communicate better as a couple, with greater understanding for the other. We are kinder to one another and more connected. We have learned ways of managing some of the difficulties we have in our relationship that will help us throughout our marriage”

“Counselling has helped me and my wife work through a very difficult and challenging time.”

General counselling

“When I began counselling, I was exhausted, regularly in tears and didn’t have a good handle on why I was in such bad shape. Three months of counselling later (plus a few other positive factors) I feel like a different person! Very early into the counselling I discovered what was really going on and was consequently able to begin making the necessary changes. It wasn’t long before my energy levels picked up and my tears dried up!
Thank you!”

“I have started to build trust with my counsellor, giving me the reassurance that whatever I had to deal with between sessions I could take to her the next time I saw her. This has reduced my feelings of isolation and given me hope of finally finding freedom and of being accepting of myself.”

“It was very helpful to dig deeper regarding the issues I am experiencing. We really worked through a lot of feelings and emotions and how to deal with them. I realised that I can’t concur this without God and from here forward working on growing even closer to Him.”

“It has helped me view things differently – i.e. look at the evidence and to look at all angles, not necessarily just the obvious ones”

“I have strategies in place to help me control my issues and not the other way round. I can deal with the things that happened when I want to, without it being a burden.”